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...The purpose of art is the enrichment of the universe.

This is done through sharing our spirits with what we create...

Or at least that's what I believe

This was one of my very first 
pieces in clay - unfortunately it 
doesn't survive to this day because 
at the time I didn't know how to 
make them so that they would last 
and could be fired. 


One of my beloved fat ladies, made to honor the Goddess.  This one is made from red raku clay and carved with my own special 'doodle carving'


A lidded urn handbuilt from red 
and white raku clays. 




These statues were built to represent the Guardians of the Four Directions, used in Wiccan Sacred circles. They are four foot high and completely hollow. They were built out of white raku clay, fired to 960 degrees and then painted with acrylics.

The North Quarter Guardian (Earth) is coloured and textured to suggest the Silver Birch, ‘The White Lady of the Woods’. She wears a mantle of leaves and holds in her left hand the Globe of the Earth Mysteries, an icon that represents the cyclic nature of life. The snake on her arm represents the destructive side to nature.

The East Quarter Guardian (Air) is coloured with the shades of dawn with wings at her knees and wearing a mantle of feathers. She holds an old fashioned censer (incense burner) that carries the rune Dagaz, representing new beginnings and an awakening.

The South Quarter Guardian (Fire) is coloured like the solar flame and stands in a warrior stance. She wears a gold lions mantle and holds the Staff of Inspiration, beginning in the deep reds of passion and ending in white of pure thought. As a fire elemental, she is reminiscent of a Vajrayana Buddha which is the path of cleansing by fire.

The West Quarter Guardian (Water) is coloured and designed to suggest a waterfall. She wears a mantle of scales and has gills at the bottom of her ribs. In her hands is the Chalice of the Lotus, representing renewal. On its base are the symbols of Coll (Ogham) and Ansuz (Runic) giving gifts knowledge and intuition.



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