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Here's a few questions for you.....

Do you look to see what's in your food when you buy it or do you know how it's made?

Do you look to see what's in anything when you buy it?

When the advertising says the product is essential and safe,
how inclined are you to believe it?

Generally, manufacturers have two things on their minds. The first is 'make as much money as you can, any way you can' and the second is 'how much can I get away with'. Why then, knowing these things and human nature, do people trust them so completely?


Sometimes, I think that we lay our faith in manufacturers and 
the powers that be, quite deliberately, because it's convenient and for some other pretty pathetic reasons......


Battery hens live in a mesh cage with a space allotment no wider than an A4 piece of paper. They peck each other and themselves in distress. Their feet are often malformed by the mesh cage beneath them. In a lot of places they are still de-beaked (the tips of their beaks are cut off) so that they can't peck at each other. If they are ever fortunate enough to be bought and set free, it will take them about three months to get their sight back and figure out what dirt and grass is for. They live like no human would ever be expected to live so that people can buy their eggs for a dollar fifty less. In fact when ever a human has been kept in such a fashion (like prisoners of war during Vietnam) there has been such a horrified reaction from civilisation. The resulting condition is called extreme trauma and the victim is scarred for life. What the hell makes us think its any different for any other animal? 

It also astounds me that the SPCA in some parts of New Zealand (I don't know about anywhere else) says that there is nothing wrong with chickens being kept this way!!!! And where in the hell is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals? Although, I will give the RNZSPCA some credit in saying that I've just been cruising their main website and they now feature a page encouraging people to buy free-range.  Look at the photo and think of the karma dudes! It's not pretty and it's not right. Pay a bit more and support free-range farms. If they do well - they might get cheaper! Oh - be careful what they call free range, by the way. Sometimes it just means that they are not confined in cages - but they still live, without ever seeing the sun, in a shed with a couple of ordinary lights overhead and get their beaks chopped off! 

And sometimes it's not really our fault. We have been taught that 
way - it's a wonky but an innocent learnt perception......

It's unneccesary, expensive (especially since its mostly water), responsible for almost as much hair loss as stress, and most brands are poisonous to you anyway!

The danger in shampoos come in with two particular chemicals and their relations - sodium lauryl sulphate (foaming agent) and propylene glycol (thickener). Both of these chemicals, which are absorbed through the scalp, contribute towards liver and kidney damage. And if you eat processed meat products, you could be in a bit of strife since sodium lauryl sulphate in particular is supposed to combine with meat preservatives in the bloodstream, forming - you guessed it - carcinogenic compounds. The manufacturers will state that sodium lauryl sulphate isn't carcinogenic and according to current research, they could be right - ask them what it does in combination with other things. 
I suspect the reactions could get interesting!!

It started life as an industrial degreaser and was invented just after the second world war. Conditioner, incidentally was brought into being to counteract the drying and damaging effects of shampoo!

So what did people use before the war, you ask? Eggs (erkk but it actually works!), nettle tea or liquid soap (grated & soaked) amongst other things. It may come as a surprise to a lot of folks but things don't actually need to foam madly to get clean!

Hmmm, yes, lets talk about toothpaste. Some brands (alot in NZ) contain that most illustrious group of chemicals - sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate etc etc etc. What's really bad about that is the inside of your mouth is membranous and will absorb the chemicals 50 times faster!

I use a 1:2 mixture of cinnamon and arrowroot powder (which is antiseptic and slightly abrasive) which seems to work quite well and is a hell of a lot safer.

I think that the big soap-manufacturers of this world must have a bloody good laugh from time to time. They've got a juicy little scam going there!

Glycerin is a natural by-product of soap-making. These days it's removed, packed into various containers with some other chemicals and then sold to you as moisturisers!! Some soap-makers will leave it in and use it as a selling point. Heard of the term 'enriched with glycerin' have you?

I borrowed this little blurb from the Tuscon Weekly. I thought it spoke volumes - there's more where this came from....

"Examples of products with potential carcinogens are: Clairol "Nice and Easy" hair color, which releases carcinogenic formaldehyde as well as Cocamide DEA (a substance which can be contaminated with carcinogenic nitrosamines or react to produce a nitrosamine during storage or use); Vidal Sassoon shampoo (which like the hair dye, contains Cocamide DEA); Cover Girl makeup, which contains TEA (which is also associated with carcinogenic nitrosamines); Crest toothpaste, which contains titanium dioxide, saccharin, and FD&C Blue # 1 (known carcinogens)." 

Wake up folks and SMELL THE CHEMICALS!

How much do you trust the so-called health experts in your country? In NZ our health authorities all advocate immunisation strenuosly. They put ads on TV showing sick kids and saying 'this could be your child if you don't immunize.' Would you trust them so blindly with your childs life or well-being if you knew that these organizations were encouraging the use of  products that have not been put through saftey checks of any kind? These products are manufactured by drug companies in the US, distributed around the world and then blindly injected into kids without checking that they've even got the right vaccine. It gets worse. There appears to be a direct link between SIDS (cot death) and the whooping cough vaccine, according to Dr Viera Schreibner. MMR (the measles vaccine) causes all sorts of bad reactions including seizures, autism and bowel disease. Despite all these reactions, which can make themselves know immediately, doctors are refusing to acknowledge any links to the damage caused by vaccines. I have to ask why? Is it perks from the drug companies or old-school mentality? I can understand exactly why the drug companies are pushing for immunization. Money. That's it people. Screw the world and the people in it for money! Usual scene.

Every year the RNZSPCA complains rather loudly that  they have had to put down a huge amount of unwanted animals. It's a hard nasty thing and they do what they can when they can. Or do they? Don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate the good work the SPCA does do in NZ but......if people full of good will can go down to the SPCA and give a needy animal a loving home easily it would probably make things easier but in NZ you can't.  If you want to adopt an animal it'll cost you $4O to $80 on the spot. That is said to buy a voucher for spaying or neutering. Which brings me to my beef with New Zealand Vets. You are charging far too much people! If it takes 5 to 15 minutes to neuter a male how do you justify a cost of $40-$80? It takes 45 minutes for a female at the most and yet it'll cost the owner $80 to $170. Hell, it'll cost you $35 to $40 just to walk in the office and say "what's wrong with Fluffy!"  A human doctor is cheaper to see, particularly if you are in a low income bracket - something that is not made provision for at all by NZ Vets. Which brings me to another point. A vet doesn't train as much time as a human doctor does but gets more money. How do you figure that! If the SPCA made it easier for people to adopt and the NZ vets made it cheaper to get your animals fixed there wouldn't be such a huge problem with unwanted animals. In other countries you can get your animals fixed for practically nothing if you are in a lower income bracket and since it cuts down on the unwanted animals to a huge extent the animal refuges can concentrate on really doing some truely kind work. 

We have, available to us now, some great technology - self composting toilets (that look just like any other loo), greywater systems (that recycle washing water), internal water catchments and solar power systems. Why are people still building houses that have to be connected to power, sewage and water grids? It may cost a little bit more to add these things in when your building but think of the savings later on - no power bills, or water rates. And, by the way, it's not that bloody cheap to connect your house to sewage, water and power grids either.  Arghhhhhh! This is a world whose resources are running out! There are areas in the US that are really starting to worry about their underground water catchments drying up. This means the use and the wastage of fresh water has been enormous. I'm not just talking about the US of A - it's everywhere! Have you ever noticed how much rainwater comes off peoples roofs when it rains - it gets shoved down into the sewage system? Makes a lot of money, I suppose, for local councils and it really sticks it to the ecology, wasting that much water. Doesn't really make sense does it?

But sometimes there's some really big things that we aren't doing enough about. 
To be fair the average person isn't really aware of this stuff but if they don't become aware it's going to have some serious kick backs if it hasn't already


What kind of a wanker cuts downs a forest that provides over 20% of the worlds oxygen? Two and half square miles of forest is being chopped down every hour in the Amazon. It's a pretty phenomenal rate but thats just the Amazon. Don't forget to count  whats happening in other countries like Indonesia, India, Ghana, Ethiopia and the Ivory Coast. In total the loss of rainforests across this planet is one and a half acres a second. Whats even more interesting is that 25% of the drugs in the modern world and 70% of cancer drugs are derived from rain forest vegetation. Only 1% of that vegetation has been identified and catalogued. So how much are we losing? The estimate at the moment sits at 137 species of plants, animals and insects a day. If you really want to alarm yourself, you can think about the fact that one fifth of the worlds fresh water is produced by the Amazon basin. Why is this happening? You guessed it! Money.

Isn't the scientific community an interesting bunch. On one side we have those that are employed by industry and on the other we have everyone else (which isn't many). The majority seem to believe that if we ignore the extra season that seems to be slipping into the years cycle in some areas, call funny weather patterns something pretty like 'El Nino' then maybe the public won't notice the seas rising, the glaciers meltings, the extra nasty avalanches and flooding. If the public question us we'll say that global warming and rising sea levels etc are part of the earths normal cycle. Well its true to say that global warming and rising sea levels etc are part of the earths normal cycle. That is actually true. However deceit by omission is still a lie. What they don't tell you is that they have been studying the 'normal' effects of global warming for some time now and that the melting rates of the glaciers is no longer normal. Just as an example from 1963 to 1978 the melting rate for the Peurvian glacier, Quori Kalis was 15 feet a year. In 1998 its melting rate was clocked at 508 feet a year. The great glaciers that feed the Ganges Plateau (India) are expected to have disappeared by 2035. Industry needs to crack down on their emissions and start taking global warming seriously or they'll be helping to pay for the biggest and nastiest ecological disasters known to planet Earth.

Well that's about it for now....

thinking in progress....

if you have any suggestions.... drop me a line

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