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!!! HELL-LO !!!
It's old hash to say that it's not so safe for the earth, the animals or the 
plants with humans around. But it seems to be a fact we conveniently 
choose to ignore far too often.


Battery hens live in a mesh cage with a space allotment no wider than an A4 piece of paper. They peck each other and themselves in distress. Their feet are often malformed by the mesh cage beneath them. In a lot of places they are still de-beaked (the tips of their beaks are cut off) so that they can't peck at each other. If they are ever fortunate enough to be bought and set free, it will take them about three months to get their sight back and figure out what dirt and grass is for. They live like no human would ever be expected to live so that people can buy their eggs for a dollar less. In fact when ever a human has been kept in such a fashion (like prisoners of war during Vietnam) there has been such a horrified reaction from civilisation. The resulting condition is called extreme trauma and the victim is scarred for life. What the hell makes us think its any different for any other animal? Look at the photo and think of the karma dudes! It's not pretty and it's not right. Pay a bit more and support free-range farms. If they do well - they might get cheaper!



What the hell is going on
here? We have, available to us now, some great technology - self composting toilets (that look just like any other loo), greywater systems (that recycle washing water), internal water catchments and solar power systems. Why are people still building houses that have to be connected to power, sewage and water grids? It may cost a little bit more to add these things in when your building but think of the savings later on - no power bills, or water rates. And, by the way, it's not that bloody cheap to connect your house to sewage, water and power grids either.  Arghhhhhh! This is a world whose resources are running out! There are areas in the US that are really starting to worry about their underground water catchments drying up. This means the 
use and the wastage of fresh water has been enormous. I'm not just talking about the US of A - it's everywhere! Have you ever noticed how much rainwater comes off peoples roofs when it rains - it gets shoved down into the sewage system? Makes a lot of money, I suppose, for local councils and it really sticks it to the ecology, wasting that much water. Doesn't really make sense does it? it back to Bitchfest number one it back to the Bookshelf?


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