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Greetings! My family history dates from the first of a family to arrive in New Zealand. 
I'm currently locating the descendents of those families but if you think you have any 
link ups at all let me know

And to those in the family - I would dearly love you to send me some photocopies of any documents, letters, photos, tidbits, etc, that you feel would be appropriate for the family histories. Remember to share it, means it survives.


Thomas Ashwell  was born around 1797 in Henlow, Bedfordshire, England. Thomas left England on a whaling ship, the L'Aigle, in October 1827. But the L'Aigle was wreaked in 1830 off the coast of Tonga and they were rescued by a trading ship, the Tranmere who and took them to Sydney, Australia. By 1833 he was working in various whaling stations in NZ and by 1836 he had taken up residence in Dunedin with the daughter of a Ngai Tahu chief, Mere-Makarini-Potete.


Thomas Bright, born 13 Mar 1809 in London England, and Elizabeth Watson, born 30 Jan 1804 in Norfolk, England, were married on the 30 Sep 1829 in London, England. They arrived in NZ on the Bolton on 15 Mar 1842 and lived at Hardy St, Nelson were he worked as a mechanic and carpenter.

Not a whole lot is known about Margaret and Thomas yet. Thomas Fisher was born around 1839 in Tipperary, Ireland and they were married 1 April 1863 in Invercargill, NZ.  There does seem to be a bit of confusion surrounding Margret Blakey, though, as most documents put her birth date at 1854, which would mean that she was nine when she was married! Not impossible but....

Joachim was a Danish Blacksmith who married an Irish woman, Mary Eliza Lenihan nee Sherlock, in Charleston, NZ on the 9th of February 1875. Joachim was born around 1835, in Appenrade, Denmark) and Mary was born around 1836 in Birr, Offaly, Ireland. I don't know when either of them arrived in NZ but the family settled in Westport, NZ.

Jacob was born in Antwerp, Belgium on the 23rd of January 1840. He was press-ganged into the navy and consequently jumped ship later on. It's not known when or where but I have found entries of Belgian ships in Sydney and one entry of a William Fredericks coming over from Sydney on the Joseph Fletcher on the 18th of August 1859. What is known is that when he reached NZ, he officially changed the 'x' at the end of his name to an 's', changed his religion and married Mary Elizabeth Simmons. Mary was born on the 15th of February 1843 in London England. She was brought over to NZ around 1863 by her brother, Henry Simmons, who was a sea captain. 

Not much is known about Jack. All I know is that he was from Australia and that he was in NZ up to 1922.

Edward was born in Surrey around 1829. He had two 'claims to fame'. He was one of the first council members for the Oamaru town board who held their meetings in his pub and he brought the first horse and dray team over the hills into Dunedin. He married Mary Ashwell, daughter of Thomas Ashwell, when she was sixteen on 6th of February 1856 in Dunedin, NZ.

Alexander was born on the Isle of Skye on the 24th of December 1834. married Margret Fraser, born around 1838, on the 15th of December 1864.  



Jane Newport, who was born on the 1st of October 1833 in Buckingham, England, arrived in February 1842 on the Charles Forbes. On the 25th of December 1855 she married Thomas Charles Bright, a son of Thomas and Elizabeth Bright, and they settled in Picton.



The NZ Maori arrived, in strength with many families, on NZ shores in the 14th century. One of the major canoes, the Takitimu, was captained by Tamatea. Also aboard was his young sister Tokotu and her future husband Nukuroa. In those days, in families of high birth, they often married close to keep the family high in status. So Ruakaito, the grand-daughter of Tokutu, and Tamanuhiri, the great great grandson of Tamatea, were married and they later had four children. Tamatea Kaimaatamua, our ancestor, was one of those four.


I don't know when George Adolf Schoch and his wife Alice Rose arrived yet. I do know that they were from Switzerland and that his father, Gustave, was a professor of Zoology in Zurich. George appears to have been quite a character. Being a German Swiss family, they used to find it hard during WWI even though they lost their youngest in the battle of the Somme. So when he wrote letters to the editor, he used to sign his name G.A.S! He also tried very hard to start a silk industry in NZ. In the process he discovered that both the Mulberry trees and the silkworms thrived far better in the NZ climate than their native China. The idea, however was squashed with a change of government. He did write a manual on the care and production of silkworms, which resides in the Alexander Turnbull Library.

James, his wife, Mary Ann Pearce Christopher Thacker, and their five children arrived in Napier from England on the Helen Denney on the 22nd of October 1874. James was born November 29 1838 in Little Petherick, Cornwall although some sources say that he was born in Devon, England. The rest of the family appears to have come from Devon.

Aitken, Allen, Andrews, Arcus, Ashwell, Austin, Backhoven, Bain, Barlow, Barrett, Beard, Bell, Berridge, Bezzant, Black, Blakey, Boggs, Bourne, Bridge, Bright, Brooke, Brown, Bruce, Bryce, Burns, Campbell, Carr, Chapman, Charles, Christopher, Clare, Clark, Clarke, Cook, Cooksley, Craig, Croucher, Davidson, Davy, Dean, Douglas, Downing, Dryden, Duncan, Duffy, Ebbitt, Ernest, Everess, Fay, Fisher, Forsyth, Foster, Fowler, Frank, Fraser, Fredericks/Frederickx, Frisken, Gammie, Gemmell, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gilchrist, Gilroy, Gonzalez, Griffiths, Gullery, Hahn, Hammersley, Hannah, Hansen, Harberd, Harmon, Harrison, Harvey, Hasson, Hawtin, Hay, Haye, Hewer, Hercomb, Hockley, Holdaway, Holland, Hopping, Howan, Hudson, Huggard, Hunt, Irvine, Ivanov, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Jessop, Joines, Jones, Julius, Kahukiwa, Kena, Kilmartin, King, Kingan, Kjestrup, Knight, Kowaleski, Lamberg, Lark, Leach, Lewis, Liddell, Linley, Lintern, Long, McDougall, McGregor, McIntosh, McKay, McKenzie, McKinstry, McLennan, McLaren, McLeod, McNally, McNicol, Mansen, Marscher, Martin, Mason, Mauchline, Maxwell, Melville, Miller, Mills, Moffitt, Morgan, Moxam, Myberg, Neal, Neiderhauser, Newport, Ngai Tahu, Palmer, Parr, Patterson, Payton, Phillips, Power, Prendergast, Price, Quinlivan, Raines, Ransom, Raybone, Reid, Roberts, Russell, Sandford, Schoch, Sears, Seingar, Selby, Sherlock, Shula, Simmons, Sinclair, Smith, Stewart, Stevens, Stott, Surridge, Swanson, Taylor, Templeton, Thacker, Thompson, Tinkham, Tong, Trent, Watson, Willison, Wilton, Wopp, Worsley  

Leslie Ivan Bourne
Violet Rose Rowntree nee Kingan
Kenneth Tully Tinkham
Dorrie McIntosh
June Constance Roberts
Lawrence Oliver Jenkins Jnr
Mary I R Hercomb nee Stewart 
Joan Rattenbury nee Grylls
members of the King family, descended from
Temi Morehu King nee Hudson
members of the Barrett family, descended from Joseph Rhodes Barrett


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