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Welcome to

Lady Violet's Cottage


I am Wiccan, a BBW and a artist

my beloved - Ed,  our home - a 1930's beach bungalow (used to be an old farm cottage),  our animals - more than a few cats, chickens, a plecostamus and other tropical fishy friends,  ceramic sculpture and artwork, music and the arts (particularly Pre-Raphaelite),  herbs and flowers,  tramping'n'camping and exploring,  good food (particularly chicken tortellini) and good wine (usually red),  movies (sci-fi, fantasy and Keanu Reeves),  ancient history and languages,  geneology  and computers (of course).

We all have the right to feel good about ourselves, regardless of our size.
There are a few Size Acceptance groups spattered around the country. 
Slowly but surely. And it's about time!

I am a solitary eclectic Wiccan. If you want to have a look, my 
Book of Shadows can be found back on the bookshelf. We don't have 
much in the way of organisation in NZ yet, which is sometimes a handicap. 
But we are getting there and to give things a little hand, I have started a 
Yahoo club called Kiwi Pagans and Wiccans - feel free to drop in. 

I'm also proud to announce the launching of Traditions New Zealand, a magazine for the Pagan/Heathen/Magickal Communities around New Zealand. I believe that the way through the predjudices many of us experience, must be through open and gentle re-education of the public. You can patch through to the Traditions New Zealand website by clicking on the logo below.


And............. I am very proud to be a recipient of the

So - is it back to the Bookshelf?
where you can find information on New Zealand, Wicca, size acceptance, 
natural living and herbs and things, my artwork and genealogy work, 
a little bitchfest on what's not so cool with the modern world, a photo 
album and some links.

Or, if you've got something to say, feel free to email me

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