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Modern advertising tells us that we need this, that and ten million other things to make our homes and bodies run.  A lot of products used today were invented and produced just after World War II.  Have you ever wondered about what people used before and why they switched?  I asked my Mother why her family changed to using shampoo and she said that it was because the advertising said it was better for their hair. Then after that it became convenient. 


While we are told otherwise, the fact is that many products are no better for us and some are even potentially dangerous. And as for convenience, I'm sure that the effort required to pluck something from your garden and make a cup of tea with it doesn't really compare to having to go down to the supermarket, run round and find what you need, stand in a line for an undetermined period of time, hand over money that took you half an hour to work for and then  go all the way home again. Hmmmm.  Our perception of reality seems a little out.


There is a growing school of thought that talks of going back to the basics and that we have made our lives far too complicated. An effective testimony to this is the fact that stress-related health conditions are mainly a modern occurrence. I think it's time to go back a bit and start to use old ways again but I also think that if they are used in conjunction with modern technologies we have a good chance of making the world a better place.  I feel that in many ways our future depends on it.


Back to Basics at Home

Liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners,  cold creams, facials, styling gels and some cosmetics can all be made at home cheaper and are often safer for you. Other things can be substituted for quite easily like toothpastes, toilet cleaners, and washing powders.  For example, before the war people used to make common liquid soap by soaking soap chips or grated soap in rain water. They used this for cleaning their dishes, their hair and their clothes very effectively.  Below is a list of alternatives for common products in the home plus there is also a recipe page.


Air Freshener

warm water in a spray bottle with 
a few drops of your favourite essential oil

Bathroom scrub

baking soda 

Carpet deodorizer

baking soda


cornflour (cornstarch in the USA)

Dishwashing liquid

common liquid soap

Facial toner

witch hazel

Hair conditioner

egg yolks




egg whites, nettle tea, 
common liquid soap


cinnamon with arrowroot, sea salt

Washing powder

common liquid soap

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