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My Theory on the 
Spirituality of the Individual



Hope you don't find this too heavy! This has come together over the years - some of it 'gifted' to me. If you have any questions or would like to have a polite chat about it - feel free to drop me a line at I must stipulate that the majority of Wiccans spend some time researching and discovering their own views on this sort of thing and my views are not neccessarily shared by others. Although most of us agree on the Summerlands (Heaven, sort of) and a measure of reincarnation. Enjoy.



There are three main ‘parts’ to each living entity, man or beast or plant.

The first being the body, a vessel for the spirit during it’s journey on this earth. It’s purpose, aside from helping you get around, lies mainly in colouring the way experiences are received. It comes into being at the moment of conception, naturally, as a result of two bodies ‘getting together’ and after death it is returned to the earth – one way or another. This is a concept that is widely accepted in many circles.

The second is the lifeforce, an energy field which is shared by all living beings. Its purpose is to infuse the body making it possible for the spirit to reside within. It is a living energy with it’s own basic level of consciousness and tends to be the dominant consciousness under hypnosis and when dealing with the sub-consciousness. Experiences, gathered by the soul, leave ‘shadows’ on the lifeforce, enriching it hopefully for the best. It is also the source of ‘life’s lessons’. This is where you as a spirit, that is using a measure of lifeforce, have an obligation to Life to try to learn your lessons and to live your life well. The lifeforce is divinely gifted and, upon the death of the body, it returns to the ‘Well of Life” to be ‘dipped’ into again. This means that it is the lifeforce that is recycled and because of this it is, more often than not, the source of past-live experiences.

The third is of course the spirit or soul. This is our identity, ourselves, our emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is who we think we are. Our purpose is to gather experiences that will enrich ourselves and ultimately the ‘Well of Life’. An experience can be something as simple as noticing birdsong in the morning. I believe that we come into being at the same moment of conception as our bodies, as a result of two spirits ‘getting together’. This is where I tend to differ from most theories, and scare people a little, in that I do not believe that I – as an individual spirit - have been divinely gifted. To me, being the result of two spirits explains how a family member can be adopted out of the family, have a totally different life and still retain similar family emotional traits or habits. It also explains racial memory, particularly in the case of animals - how does a bird know how to build a nest? I don't think that a human soul can end up in a dog but I do believe that a dog can be gifted with some human experiences through the life force. After death we depart for the ‘other side’, coming back to this plane when the need arises. Though whether or not this is done by choice is another matter.

I once likened this all to screenprinting. Put quite simply, the wooden frame of the screen is our body, the silk of the screen is the lifeforce, the cloth we are printing on is our soul or spirit, the ink is the experience itself, and the pattern on the screen is the type of experience.

Generally speaking, I am saying that the experience of past-lives, reincarnation and going to ‘the other side’ is possible at the same time for every spirit.



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