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Majick has different levels, depending on the path one has chosen. The path of the Crone is that of High Majick and requires complicated circles of protection, altar tools etc. However, I am what is known as a kitchen witch or a hedge witch, a path belonging to the Mother, so don't expect anything fancy from me! Folk majicks and simple majicks work fine for me, when the need arises, so that's as far as I have gone.


The Basic Rules Again!

Firstly, I cannot stress the Wiccan Rede enough. This must not be broken, most importantly in the area of spellcraft. The act of prayer, ritual, and  spellcraft has direct contact with the Karmic energies and it can come back with a wallop.

Secondly,  I don't see the necessity to dress it up in elaborate fantasy - majick and ritual are not really much different to most other religions, except that in Wicca, the emotional element is essential and openly displayed. 


The Mechanics

As I said before, Majick is like a stronger form of prayer. It is very personal and therefore customised. Any one of us  can tell you the words we use but they must sit right with you. There's no point in lovely elaborate poems if the words don't speak to your heart. 

And that brings us to a major point. In order for any spell or prayer to work, you must really feel the need for what you are asking. It is very much a 'heart' thing. By the way, be careful and specific  and think about what you asking the spell to do. For example, lets say that you need a better and safer home. If all that you really need to do is get off your butt and look for one, prepare for a rude awakening! Spells have a way of making it come about that you have to help yourself. They're good that way. 

Right - now you take that  'need' and direct it with ritual. It can help fine tune the vibrations to tie colors, numbers, candles, sounds or scents into the ritual. For example, you might light a six small green candles and burn a note to the Goddess explaining that you need a way to pay the power bill. The number six and green are symbolic of money to some people. Again, the ritual also has to work in your mind. Others can help you with suggestions of traditional symbolic use but if you see money as pink there's not much point in using green!

Finally, you need to be aware of the type of natural energies around you - these will influence everything. These energies are read, simply by observing the moon. The Waxing Moon is a the growing moon and spells that require growth are best conducted during this time. The Full Moon is a time of completion, a time when the positive energy or power of the Earth Mother is at its peak. And the Waning Moon is a fading moon and, of course, spells that require a reducing effect are best conducted then. Nothing should ever be cast on the day of the Black Moon.


Centering and Protecting Yourself

If you are on your own, don't forget to center and protect yourself. When you cross the road, you make sure no cars can hit you? You do the same when performing any majicks. If you are a part of a group the Headwoman/ Headman (or Priestess/Priest) and the 'Circle' , will take care of you.

A simple way to protect and center yourself is to ask to the goddess to protect you with 'the White Light'. Still and calm your mind (you can try imagining a still, clean forest pool), breath cleanly and steadily - in through the nose and out through the mouth. Then ask the goddess for the White Light to cover and protect you. The words don't matter to anyone but you, so you say what you want to, however which way you need to. You'll know when you've got it right because it will feel right.



A Few Spells

Protecting Yourself from Maliciousness

If you are having trouble with malicious people or vibes, particularly at work, I can suggest a nice little spell. Close to the Full Moon, take a small bottle or jar that is higher than it is wide. Wash it well - if you want to be really fancy, wash it in rain water that you can see the Full Moon reflected in. This is a simple way of blessing it. Go out to the your garden or a place where you feel the Goddess is present. Center yourself. Take some soil and fill the bottle. While you fill the bottle, say what you need to say and try to visualise  your need for protection being absorbed by the earth. Cap the bottle tightly and never open it again. Put it in an unobtrusive spot that in the area that you feel you need protection. It will create a protective feild that absorbs anything negativity. Should the bottle ever be opened, you need to return the soil to the earth, preferably the same place, and ask the Goddess to take it back and purify it. Then wash the bottle thoroughly, preferably bless it.



If you want to make the boy down the road fall in love with you - forget it! Remember the Rede and throw that thought out the window before it smacks you in the back of the head. You cannot work majick on anyone against their will. You can, however, work it in other ways, if you can justify it to the universe! For example, you can help yourself to become more open to 
receiving love.....

Take a pink candle and some rose oil, or anything that you feel ties you and your purpose into love. If you want to be fancy you can carve into the candle the word love or a Rune, maybe Gebo (be very careful with Runes - different combinations can say dangerous things) or hearts or any symbol you feel represents love - If you do that remember 'the need' while you carve. You will also need a clean piece of paper and something to write with. Closer to the Full Moon go out into the evening to a spot where you feel private and safe. Center yourself. Put the candle into the earth and dig a small shallow hole next to it. Light the candle and write on the paper what you need to say. Tell the Goddess what your needs are in a partner, what you are hoping for and ask her to help you to be open to love and to find love. Drop three drops of the oil onto the note. Light the note, using the candle and place it in the hole. Watch it burn and when it has stopped burning, cover it with the earth. The spell is now complete and your message is sent. From the time you light the candle to the time your bury the ashes of your note you must be thinking of what you need to say - thinking of your need.



Well if you think you're going to win the lottery with a spell - wrong again! Sorry. Personal gain doesn't happen. You will, however, have what you need. Nothing more and that's the way it should be. If you find yourself in a pickle, though, and you need money, you can pretty much use the same spell for Love - you just adapt it for money. Be prepared though, the spell might just be answered with a temporary or part-time job. Use green candles instead of pink and perhaps Bergamont instead of Rose. Again it is what you feel represents money or the reducing of bills. Although, if you take the 'reducing of bills' angle it would be best to cast this during the Waning Moon.





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