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Wicca 2000 by Patricia Telesco:

Of an eclectic nature and very nicely done. It is separated clearly into prayer, meditation, charms and amulets, spellcraft and ritual. Not for the beginner. 


Spells for Cats by Daisy Pepper:

A really sweet little book that is a good read for anybody. quite serious, as it should be and written by someone who clearly knows her stuff.


Witches, an Encyclopaedia of Paganism and Magic by Michael Jordan:

Fairly extensive but not enough in my opinion. It appears to be written from a Gardnerian point of view. It has some extraordinary interviews by prominent Pagans which is invaluable. I'm not that keen on some of the photography. Definitely too confusing for the beginner.


Living Wicca, A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham:

Well who would fault a Scott Cunningham book! Written in plain language without the grandiose flourishes of some traditions, its an easy read. Designed for those both on the 'seeking path' and the Solitary path. Both the beginner and the veteran can gain much by reading this book.


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